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We have been supplying high-quality grains for more than 15 years, we have our own facilities vertical and horizontal storage allowing convenient automobile shipment.

The company owns a car fleet. During assembling cargoes, we carry out laboratory tests to control the quality and each delivery is accompanied by a grain analysis card.

We ship about 200,000 tons per year.

"We work to achieve better results and reach new heights"

Director General Sergej Vladimirovich Kobzev

Quality grain crops for modern animal breeding

We offer quality compound feed for all kinds of livestock, fodder concentrates, grain mixtures and granulated bran. Our feed complies with the requirements of GOST, their complete safety for animals is confirmed by a quality certificate.

Our customers:
  • Pig farms
  • Livestock complexes
  • Poultry farms
  • Butter factories
  • Feed-milling plants
  • Grain processing plants
  • Grinding plants
  • Traders
we have been supplying quality grain for more than 15 years
we ship 200,000 tons of products every year
wide sales territory in Russia and export
the products are enriched with nutritional components
we carry out laboratory tests
we own a modern car park

Grain complex “Kotovskie zakroma” offers a wide range of services for receiving, drying, processing, storage and shipment of grain on favorable terms and at reasonable prices. A high level of service is guaranteed. We actively develop our sales territory and offer raw materials that meet the quality standards of modern laboratories.

Grain complex regularly delivers grain crops and mixtures of grains to the following enterprises:

  • Pig farms
  • Livestock complexes
  • Poultry farms
  • Butter factories
  • Feed-milling plants
  • Grain processing plants
  • Grinding plants
  • Traders
Sales, acceptance, shipment
and motor transport delivery
Grain processing
Acceptance, shipment and motor
transport delivery to the destination point
Export of products
ADVANTAGES of cooperation
We offer the following conditions to each customer:
  • Excellent quality of products
  • Convenient form of payment
  • Small, medium and large wholesale is available
  • Special terms and conditions for regular customers
  • Advanced logistics network
  • The shortest delivery time
  • Discounts for large wholesalers

Grain complex "Kotovskie zakroma" supports the construction of the Church of the Nativity in Kotovsk and nearby municipalities.

We cooperate with many large companies, including:
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