Grain mixtures

Feed mixture
HS code 2309909609

Mixture of grains is a mixture of different grain crops such as wheat, corn, oats, barley, rye, etc. It is used for the preparation of mixed forage for livestock.

It has a ratio of different grain crops agreed by the buyer which allows them to be adapted to the specific needs.

It can also be additionally enriched with other nutritional components (vitamins, minerals, etc.) to increase the nutritive value.

We sell grain mixtures for all types of farm animals and poultry.
Quality feed for animals is a guarantee of their health and well-being!
Grain mixture for calves
Nutritious starter feed containing a complex of microelements and vitamins to ensure growth.
Grain mixture for poultry
Quality grain mixtures for domestic and farm poultry for various purposes – from the growth of young birds to increasing egg-laying rate.
Grain mixture for cows
Balanced in composition for private subsidiary farms and farm holdings, which do not use silage, to increase weight and milk yield.
Grain mixture for young piglets
Quality grain mixtures allow you to get good average daily gain with minimal costs and increase fertility.
Grain mixture for rabbits
Quality grain mixtures allows to get good average daily gain with minimal costs, increases fertility.
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You can order grain mixture according to your recipe!
Do you want your animal’s feed to be balanced, rich with nutritious components – carbohydrates and proteins? Then you need to buy a grain mixture!
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